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3 Manifestation Techniques – Tune into Abundance and Manifest your Desires

The new hot topic of today is manifesting wealth and prosperity. The fact is, using the Universe’s laws of asking and receiving is a highly personal process, and it works differently for everyone. Here are some of the top manifestation techniques revealed for you.

The first manifesting technique is meditation. People these days are generally familiar with meditation. If they haven’t tried it themselves, they probably know someone who has. Meditation is a way to get in tune with yourself and develop a heightened sense of self-awareness. This is done by drowning out the clamour of everyday life and just observing the self for who and what it is.

Meditation is generally done in a quiet room, possibly dimmed to eliminate distractions. Most people close their eyes in order to shut out visual stimuli. The trick is not to think about anything, but just to concentrate on being. For most people, this is extremely difficult, especially if this is their first time trying to meditate. A mantra, which is a word or short phrase repeated in the mind during meditation, may help.

The second manifesting technique is visualization. This is the art of mentally “seeing” a specific object or situation. For example, if a basketball player is nervous about an upcoming game, he can visualize himself dribbling down the court and making a basket.

People visualize for all sorts of reasons, including manifesting their desires for wealth or prosperity. To do this, close your eyes and think about what it is you really want. Once you’ve identified the object of your desires, try to envision scenarios where you might get what you want, and then play the situation out in your mind’s eye: how do you react when you get your wish? What do you do? How do you feel? This exercise will help you to realise your desires.

The third manifesting technique involves getting your desires in writing. For the more analytical types out there who aren’t very keen on the idea of meditating or visualizing, this offers a more concrete way to concentrate on your desires. If you feel that visualization and meditation are a little too “out there”, then this is just the method for manifesting that fits you.

Think about what you truly want from life, and write it down. Be specific and above all, be honest. Don’t say that you want more money if it will not truly bring you happiness. If what you want is more friends or better health, then concentrate on that desire and put it in writing.

Manifesting your desires is a universal law. People don’t always agree on the best way to do it, however, and that’s because manifesting is such a personal process. Some prefer to meditate, others visualize, and still others think critically and put their thoughts in writing. The way you manifest your desires is up to you. No matter what method of manifesting you choose, the important thing is to focus on your honest desires and make the most powerful prayer for prosperity. Whatever you pray, it will be answered.

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